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James Sipprell

I am a senior finance professional with a broad range of experience, proven strengths in financial, operational, and team leadership, and a niche expertise in real estate. My knowledge stems from more than 15 years of experience in the real estate and restaurant industry, where I wore many hats and learned the true meaning of “doing what it takes to get the job done.” I hired and managed teams, analyzed markets, controlled costs, and proved my ability to sustain profitable business—even in the toughest of economic climates.

Along the way, I acquired responsibilities and knowledge in real estate acquisition and management, found my true passion, and soon earned my broker’s license. Now, in addition to my current role as a corporate Real Estate Accounting Manager, I maintain a personal real estate business in which I consult on residential real estate.

The key to my success lies in few core skills …

I have been told that I have a natural gift for customer service and react in a way that reverses conflict, enhances team performance, and improves productivity. Years in the restaurant industry taught me how to immediately build rapport, quickly solve problems, and continuously satisfy customers. I am comfortable communicating with all levels of people, and consider myself an expert listener. Building genuine relationships is a priority in all areas of my professional life.

I can prioritize and complete multiple tasks under high pressure and strict timelines. For St. Paul Development Corporation, I effectively filled three distinct roles, and was eventually replaced by several highly skilled professionals. Six-day work weeks are my norm!

Additionally, I have developed a diverse skill set that can be effectively applied to all aspects of general business management. I have managed accounting, marketing, and human resources functions, and I understand the laws and conversations that govern business.